Every man that’s has came in my life has hurt me in some type of way. I give them my love and trust. &; they still choose to hurt me. I don’t wanna have a mindset that all men are the same because their not. It’s just how their raise and went threw that causes them to do the things they do. But at the same time I know they’ve experience the pain so I know they wouldn’t want the same.
Sn: I just hope I don’t become an insecure and jealous gf because of my experiences. I just hope things will get better in my relationship. I hope that I can grow to trust and love someone without thinking they will hurt me.

Real Tears 😭😂 (Taken with Instagram)

My view of men

all the men I have met have come and gone in my life. I’m convinced every man I met will leave out of my life.

Men will talk about how they want someone like this and that but when they have it they do something to fuck it up or make the other person push away or claim its not the right time. But when is the right time when your old and things won’t be the same as they use to be. You can’t go back to someone when your ready for them because at that moment it will be too late.
I know men are not perfect and their temptation is worst then woman… But when will I find someone not as a relationship type deal but as a friend or maybe even both if possible.
I would love to have someone that treats me with respect and will show me they love me each and everyday.someone that’s ambitious not because of me but because they want a better life. Someone that will be by my side and help me become a better person.
I swear that my wants are not too much to ask.
I thought last year I had met someone that changed my view on men but that person end up the total opposite.
Just like everyone else.
*cues stranger by jhene aiko*


- Dam.. Where Is Ted?

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wow just rip my heart into pieces why don’t you

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Real fuckin tears 😂

Chris And Rihanna Kissed ?!?!?! Holy Fuck They Did !








i bet kangaroo coochie feels saltaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 



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